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How often do I need to get my ring checked?

We recommend seeing your jeweler every 6-12 months to check stones, make sure nothing is loose, ensure the prongs are intact, and have it professionally cleaned.

Why can’t I wear my birthstone every day?

We recommend diamonds, sapphires, and rubies for daily wear. All other gemstones should be worn with caution in rings since they are softer and more likely to scratch, chip, or break if worn every day.

How long do designs take?

For bespoke pieces, we recommend around 3-4 weeks to give time to pick out the stones, design the piece and have it handmade by our goldsmith.

Can I use my own stones in a custom piece?

Absolutely! We encourage redesigning jewelry to make it more wearable.

What karat gold is best?

Karat is a term used to indicate gold purity. Pure gold is 24 karat. The legal standard is to stamp gold jewelry with markings such as 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT. The Karat stamp indicates the purity of the metal. The number preceding the KT marking indicates how many parts out of 24 are pure gold. The alloys mixed with gold are added to control durability, color and the cost of fine jewelry.

If you desire strong yellow color from your jewelry, 18-karat gold will give you the richest yellow appearance. The disadvantage to 18kt is that it is not as durable or cost efficient as 14kt. Opinions vary about the most desirable karat from culture to culture. In America 14kt has become the most popular gold used in jewelry today due to its cost and durability. In western culture Jewelry made from 10kt has become synonymous with discount and lower end jewelry and is often brittle and difficult to repair.

What is a head or crown?

In context to jewelry, the term head refers to the prong system or carriage that supports a stone. A head is usually a separate component in jewelry that is welded or soldered to a piece of jewelry to support a gemstone. An example of a head is the 4 or 6-prong carriage that a diamond sits in a traditional engagement ring. The ring shank is the body of the ring and the “Head” is welded or soldered into it prior to setting the diamond.

How do I insure jewelry?

If you have valuable jewelry you will want to protect it. The most common way to do this is to insure it. Some homeowners’ policies have a provision to cover a portion of your jewelry. If you want full coverage you will most likely need to add a rider to your homeowners or renters policy. Some people choose to insure their jewelry separately through companies that specialize in jewelry insurance. In either event most insurance companies require that you have a detailed itemized appraisal of the items to be insured by a reputable appraiser.You will have to check with your insurance company about rates, deductibles and exclusions as they vary. Many insurance companies will attempt to replace lost or stolen items through their own sources rather than reimburse you in cash. It is very important that your appraisals list enough detail about your items to ensure that you receive a suitable replacement in the event of a loss.

Is custom jewelry more expensive than a ready-made piece of jewelry?

Because everything about the process is custom, you tell us your budget and we will adjust the quality of materials to accommodate it. Every piece is made in-house, so we have all the power over the materials going into your piece. You can work with our designers as long as it takes, never at an additional cost. So no, custom is not more expensive than a ready-made piece, unless you want it to be.

What’s the best way to care for my jewelry?

Take it off every night and clean it with a soft bristle toothbrush with warm soapy water or Windex.

What is handmade jewelry?

Handmade jewelry is jewelry that is made by hand without the use of machines molds or casting. In a hand made piece of jewelry all materials must be shaped formed and assembled. Machine powered cutters, drills, and lathes can be used as long as they are operated manually, and guided by the artisan’s hands.

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