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What is Hip Hop Jewelry?

Hip hop music has always been about the artist’s struggles, life stories, experiences, emotions and oppression. At Least it started out that way. No clue what artists these days rap about. Yes I’m talking about you, Kanye West! While the jewelry these rappers don (or should I say flaunt) symbolize their status, power and wealth, it’s also a way of showing everyone how they overcome their struggles and are here wearing $1500 accessories. So it’s not just for aesthetic or looks, to them, it holds so much more meaning and value. A reminder of what they’ve achieved despite all odds.

This show extends beyond jewelry – to their cars, homes, and lifestyle and becomes a culture that inspires others to live this way, too! But who can complain when hip hop jewelry looks so cool and has such rich culture to boot!

Why Wear Jewelry?

Jewelry has long been considered a female-specific accessory. But especially in recent years, men have begun experimenting with pieces more often than not. We’re transitioning into a society where gender is much more than just “he” and “she,” so don’t let outdated stereotypes keep you from expanding your ability to express yourself.

You can only do so much with pants, shoes, and shirts. Your wardrobe only has a set number of combinations that can work, and you’re probably going to feel stale and bored after a while. By wearing jewelry, you’ll never need to worry about wearing the same outfit again because you can experiment until your heart’s content.

Not to mention, jewelry is a great way to symbolize wealth and status. This is why most of the biggest rappers in the game drop hundreds of thousands on their giant pendants, as it helps set them above the competition. Iced-out chains, bracelets, and rings can give you a high-class look that people will respect.

And last but not least, it lets you add a personal identity to your look as a whole. With endless different variations, you’re bound to find something that speaks to who you are. And on top of that, with new jewelry customization options, a truly distinct appearance is now very much possible.

What is Hip Hop Jewelry/Iced Out Jewelry?

Hip Hop Jewelry symbolizes status, as its flashy and extravagant appearance makes represents Wealth and prosperity. Hence, it’s worn to indicate a successful journey. With big and bold striking designs this kind of jewelry has taken the world, as it’s also known as iced-out jewelry or bling-bling jewelry.

As well as Hip Hop Jewelry represents their position and status and the fact that they started from the lower classes and through hard work has become a success. For rappers and hip-hop producers and singers, it is much the same as buying a sports car because you can. That doesn’t mean that you have to be as rich as Jay-Z or Lil’ Wayne to afford Hip Hop Jewelry/Iced Out Jewelry.

Hip Hop music, culture, and flashy jewelry have always been bedfellows. Although, hip-hop and rap music, in the beginning, was always about the struggles that artists went through, living in the rougher and more impoverished parts of American cities, in their bid to become successful. The idea is, therefore, when a rapper wears flashy statement jewelry pieces like gold chains and diamond-encrusted items, you know that he is worth a lot of money.

Hip Hop Jewelry are going in upward trend nowadays. this, these jewelries have been loved by the celebrities too. Here by, they showed up with the different kind of jewelries at the Met Gala.

For instance, Gemone Diamonds has a full range of Hip Hop Jewelry, divided into four different categories – Hip Hop Diamond Bracelets, Hip Hop Diamond Necklaces, Hip Hop Diamond Pendants, and Hip-Hop Diamond Rings.

Although most of these pieces do have four-figure price tags, compared to the five-, six- or seven-figure costs of jewelry that famous stars have, they are a lot more affordable Hip Hop Jewelry in comparison to theirs.

Who started jewelry in hip-hop?

In the 1980s, jewelry started to become a huge staple of hip-hop's image, with artists like Slick Rick, Eric B. & Rakim, and LL Cool J being early advocates of flashy fashion.

Why do hip-hop artists wear chains?

Conclusion. Gold chains are the ultimate representation of hip-hop culture. They declare the artist's wealth, fame, and success in a flashy and ostentatious way.